Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uno Goes to Disneyland!

Much Uno fun was had at the happiest place on earth yesterday! We brought uno with us on Space Mountain but unfortunately our photo was "lost in space." What is so wrong with uno that they had to deny us our photo?! ANARCHY!!! We later played a round with none other than Aladin! I won finally! haha. After that we had lunch at the Blue Bayou and another round was played. Gina won that one. :-P Then later that night we went and had drinks at the Lost Bar at the Disneyland hotel and played drunken Uno. That was the BEST! Colors stopped had no meaning towards the end, people were putting cards down out of turn, it was maddness I tell you. But it was great! Here are some pix of Uno's day out.

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