Monday, March 2, 2009

Twilight's Michael Welch Plays Uno!

Uno made a trip to San Francisco with us where it made an appearance at the Twi-Tour Convention for Twilight fans. There was a lot of waiting around so we played Uno to pass the time. Then during the 100 Monkeys concert (that is Jackson Rathbone's band aka. Jasper) we ran into Michael Welch aka. Mike Newton and told him about this little blog and he loved the idea. Later that night he sat down with us during the Vampire Ball and played a round. It was a blast! :-) Unfortunately there was a technical difficulty and the video we took of the game didn't record (grrr damn you technology!). But we have some pix for you anyway. Enjoy! Ya see, Uno really does bring people together and gets them to slow down and get back to spending old fashion quality time with people. You gotta love it!

Playing Uno while waiting for our Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke autograph session

Me and Gina with Michael

My vampire ball mask sitting next to the cards before Michael joined the game.

Michael playing with my mask, hehe

Uno's First Plane Ride!

Nothing can be more boring than waiting for your flight at the airport. We had 2 hours to kill in the terminal so what did we do to pass the time? Play Uno of course!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uno Goes to Disneyland!

Much Uno fun was had at the happiest place on earth yesterday! We brought uno with us on Space Mountain but unfortunately our photo was "lost in space." What is so wrong with uno that they had to deny us our photo?! ANARCHY!!! We later played a round with none other than Aladin! I won finally! haha. After that we had lunch at the Blue Bayou and another round was played. Gina won that one. :-P Then later that night we went and had drinks at the Lost Bar at the Disneyland hotel and played drunken Uno. That was the BEST! Colors stopped had no meaning towards the end, people were putting cards down out of turn, it was maddness I tell you. But it was great! Here are some pix of Uno's day out.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

100 Monkeys Concert

Uno fun was had by all at last night's 100 Monkeys concert at the 24K lounge. What I love about Uno is that it brings people together! After Gina won the first hand, a guy came up to us and got in the game. He won and the two celebrated by heading to the bar. lol. Here's a photo from our first hand. This just goes to show that Uno can be played anywhere, anytime, even in the middle of a concert! Since it was dark though we made the green and blue cards the same since we couldn't tell the difference in color. lol. Just wish we had enough time for ME to win a hand dammit!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coffee + games = GOOD

Coffee, the basis for our friday game nights. The object is to see how many espressos you can handle in the course of one game night without going completely bonkers. Our high score is 4 held by Gina. However, excessive espresso consumption resulted in very poor Uno playing abilities. In our experience, two is an ideal espresso number. :-D

Ok Gina, the point of Uno is to get down to UNO (one!) card! Not to acquire the whole deck!

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?

Monday, February 2, 2009


My friend Gina and I are 23 years old and we have just discovered how much we love playing board and card games from our childhood. In under a month we have instituted a weekly "Game Night" where we go to our friendly neighborhood starbucks and take espresso shots and play Jenga until our hands get so shaky that it just keeps falling, then we switch it over to Uno. And let me tell you, if you have never played Uno while high on espresso, you just haven't played Uno to the fullest!! Well, we have decided to take our love for games on the road and have chosen Uno since it is easily portable. Check back as we take our Uno games to all kinds of fun places and play with interesting people!