Monday, March 2, 2009

Twilight's Michael Welch Plays Uno!

Uno made a trip to San Francisco with us where it made an appearance at the Twi-Tour Convention for Twilight fans. There was a lot of waiting around so we played Uno to pass the time. Then during the 100 Monkeys concert (that is Jackson Rathbone's band aka. Jasper) we ran into Michael Welch aka. Mike Newton and told him about this little blog and he loved the idea. Later that night he sat down with us during the Vampire Ball and played a round. It was a blast! :-) Unfortunately there was a technical difficulty and the video we took of the game didn't record (grrr damn you technology!). But we have some pix for you anyway. Enjoy! Ya see, Uno really does bring people together and gets them to slow down and get back to spending old fashion quality time with people. You gotta love it!

Playing Uno while waiting for our Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke autograph session

Me and Gina with Michael

My vampire ball mask sitting next to the cards before Michael joined the game.

Michael playing with my mask, hehe

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